Since the launch of Operation Cutcord, we have made continuous improvements to our anti-hack system. These measures were revealed to players through our Anti-Hack FAQ. Yet, we do acknowledge that players would like a more in-depth explanation of certain issues.

Nothing beats hearing it directly from the Devs. So here we go.

1. Strengthening our preventive measures.

We have banned a huge number of cheaters in recent months, leading players to wonder if that is the only approach. What about preventive measures?

“Prevention has always been our key approach. Our preventive mechanism has blocked roughly 80% of hacks before they can impact the game.

At the frontline, we have mechanisms in place to prevent hackers from gaining access into the Free Fire app. Sophisticated encryptions will detect suspicious access and block it from the very beginning. This, coupled with active monitoring of player behavior, forms an effective and complete line of defence.” 

2. Working with the best in the industry

There are complaints of wrongly banned accounts on social media. Some players are understandably worried about this.

“Players will never need to worry about being wrongly banned. We take great care in processing every ban decision. 

We team up with the best anti-hack experts in the industry to cross check reports. Reported accounts will need to show evidence of hacking both through our own data as well as independent experts in order to be banned. 

Players will not be banned due to malicious reports, or simply after a game of good performance. We ensure that every ban decision is a right one.”

E.g. A skilled streamer will not be banned even if many haters wrongly reported him/ her.

3. Reporting cheaters in-game

Some players have reported cheaters, but aren’t sure if they have been handled, as there was no feedback.

“We have a 100% review policy, every report is studied in detail. Once a cheating account has been banned, the reporter will receive an in-game mail confirming that his/ her report has been successful.

We understand that some mails have not reached you guys. We’re working on making sure that each and every successful reporter would get the confirmation mail, and that the reporting experience is smooth.”

The reporting experience in Clash Squad hasn’t been as smooth as some players have hoped. 

“We understand that this may be a concern. In the latest patch, the report function in match summary has been updated. Players can now report their teammates and/ or opponents for cheating.

We will continuously track and detect new hacks, and work tirelessly to analyze them and update our measures to stay ahead of the race.”


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